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I’m an actor. No one knows how I truly feel.
I’m an actor. I can lie straight to your face.
I’m an actor. My secrets stay hidden.
Deception is my game, secrets kept hidden the score.
I dare you to try and unravel them.
No one yet has had such luck.
Bluffing isn’t a skill, but an instinct.
My face must not betray my trust.
Lies go undiscovered always.
Because I’m an actor.
I wear masks because I have to.
I hide behind them.
I’m an actor. My secrets stay hidden.
I’m an actor. I can lie straight to your face.
I’m an actor. No one knows how I truly feel.
I’m an actor.
And I’m perfectly fine.
:iconseth-kelchuk:Seth-Kelchuk 0 2
I am a Vanguard,
Marching forward endlessly
For a higher cause.
Serving the soldiers
Who rely on my guidance,
insight and judgement.
I seek out the light
In a word of endless dark
And I let it shine.
I stand in the ranks
Of my fellow leading men
And we trudge along.
Roaring like lions,
We approach with angry eyes,
but prepared to love.
Lighting up the world,
Seeking darkness, spreading love,
I am a Vanguard.
:iconseth-kelchuk:Seth-Kelchuk 0 1
To Keep from Seeing the Tears
I hide my feelings from the world
As I have done for years.
I bottle everything inside
To keep from seeing the tears.
Through love and loss and tragedy,
This pain that burns and sears,
I try and force it out of mind
To keep from seeing the tears.
I have to hold myself up high,
As I have done for years.
But this time others are dependent
On my holding back the tears.
I look around, and sadness reigns,
Even as Christmas nears.
I cannot help it if the others
Cannot stop their tears.
But then you find a way inside
And fill me up with cheer.
I cannot explain how you do it,
But it helps with the tears.
You make me right, you make me smile,
You scare away the fear.
I start to cry a little bit,
But I don't mind these tears.
For now I know that I don't have
To try as hard as feared
To find a little happiness.
To stop from seeing the tears.
Love always,
Your Jedi
:iconseth-kelchuk:Seth-Kelchuk 3 7
Who says?
Who says
That you don't know enough?
That you can't handle it?
That you're not strong or tough?
Who thinks
That they're superior?
That you're below them?
That they don't feel fear?
Who wants
To keep it by the book?
Hold the status quo?
Tell you how you should look?
I say
You're awesome how you are.
That you're incredible.
That you're my shining star.
I think
They don't know what to do.
They wanna bring you down
'Cause they're below you.
I want
To show you how I feel.
'Cause you deserve to know
That all of this is real
Don't say
That you won't make it through.
Don't think
That you can't hold true.
Don't want
To change for anyone but you.
:iconseth-kelchuk:Seth-Kelchuk 0 3
Unstoppable part 4
It didn't take long for Lane to finish the message. He was almost done, anyway. The last bit was in the wrong colors, the wrong style. But at least it got done.
He was admiring his work when he realized something: the security guards were watching him. Not just a few of them either. It seemed as if every security guard in the building had gathered on one floor to watch. Before any plan of escape could register, a window swung open and a silver dart flashed towards him, crackling with electricity.
The stun gun snagged his wing. The tiger convulsed in pain and began to drop, screaming. His form began to slip. His frame became slightly smaller, muscles began to shrink. Bits of beige began to bleed through the black and grey. "Crap," he muttered, "please, not now..."
Lane struggled to regain control. His vision blurred. His limbs went numb. "Please, not now... Just a little longer... Come on..."
Time began to move in slow motion. Lane caught a glimpse of Karma down below, but something was
:iconseth-kelchuk:Seth-Kelchuk 0 2
Unstoppable part 3
Lane made it to the top of the building with only three minutes to spare until go-time. He quickly set up a series of ropes and pulleys that would allow him to move methodically floor-by-floor without the guards seeing him. He wasn't sure how well armed they were, and he didn't want to find out. And, with the sun hidden behind Silversmith Tower, nobody would notice a black tiger wearing black jeans, sneakers and a hoodie in the shade. At exactly 3:30, he began his descent.
Floor 48. He had his idea in mind, and had mapped it onto the wall in his mind. He located his deep purple and bright blue paint sticks and slid across the building, the tools spraying four inch wide streams of color. He marked out where the tops of the words would go.
Floor 41. He was almost halfway done with the second major section. Just as he was about to lower himself down to the next floor, a guard walked around the corner. Lane ducked quick enough to not be seen, but just barely. He could only hope the guard d
:iconseth-kelchuk:Seth-Kelchuk 0 6
Unstoppable part 2
Lane's job was simple: he was the personal assistant to Michael Silversmith, a rich husky whose company did a little bit of everything. He filed papers, made coffee runs, and did any other odd jobs around the office that could free the more important workers to work. The hours were flexible, and he was given an inordinate amount of vacation time and incredibly high wages for such a simple job.
At least, that's the official story.
That's the job he signed on for, anyway. Lane's true passion was art, or, more specifically, having his art be seen. He had a checkered past as a street artist. His work had been seen by thousands upon thousands of people, wether the city government approved or not. Michael knew this, but hired him anyway. At the time, it was just a pity hiring to get him off the streets. But soon, Lane's boss learned his secret ability. Then, suddenly, Lane was seen less and less frequently around the office. But his art became more and more common in the streets.
Lane's powe
:iconseth-kelchuk:Seth-Kelchuk 0 6
Unstoppable part 1
The midday sun shone through the open window and onto the bed. Lane shifted uncomfortably to get the light out of his eye. Just as he began to drift back to sleep, there came a long, loud knocking on the door. "Ungh..." the lion moaned as he dragged himself out of bed. He walked over to the full-length mirror on the wall to examine himself.
His tawny fur was sticking up at odd angles and his mane was messier than he would have liked. A green streak ran through his mane and goatee. He stretched his arms up and yawned, sending a ripple through his body. His fur now straightened, he gave a small smile of approval. The visitor knocked again. "Lane!" called a female voice. "Lane, I know you're in there! Open up!"
Lane's smile became a scowl and the green streak turned crimson red. He threw on a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt as he stumbled through his apartment. He threw open the door, revealing a trim lioness in shorts and a tank top. "Lydia, what do you wa-"
"Lane, WHY did it take so l
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Amelia's Final Farewell
The Doctor is brave, and he never backs down.
The Oncoming Storm he's been called.
So what ever could break a man so renowned?
What ever could have so much gall?
Amelia Pond, little girl who so waited
For her raggedy man in a box.
Rory the age old Centurion soldier,
Sacrificed for a paradox.
This couple, these lovers, they shared quite a bond
With the Time Lord, their dear son-in-law.
But the Angels, they came, Weeping Angels of death.
They're the threat that not one person saw.
Now the Doctor and River, both broken and blue,
In their eyes have tears ready to swell.
For the world sat and watched, in desperate horror,
Amelia's Final Farewell.
:iconseth-kelchuk:Seth-Kelchuk 3 6
Me! by Seth-Kelchuk Me! :iconseth-kelchuk:Seth-Kelchuk 1 11
So what if I'm not popular with the 'cool kids'?
I have my own group.
We're the underdogs, and we don't care.
While you're all sitting around a table, laughing mirthlessly at nothing,
I sit in the corner and play my little games.
But in my mind, I just defeated the greatest warriors in the world.
All you did was fake a laugh and a smile.
You guys are running around tripping little kids.
You hope the ladies think your tough now.
And I'm doodling on my 'geeky tablet thingy'.
But I just created a whole new planet of whole new creatures.
And you made a twelve-year-old cry. Way to go.
You come to school plays to hiss and boo,
While I'm up in front of two-hundred people looking stupid.
But the crowd is cheering and clapping for me.
And who are you?
How do you stand out in the crowd?
You walk past me in the hall and laugh at my sci-fi novel.
But I don't notice; I'm in another world.
I've vanished into my own mind.
I can see why you're jealous, though.
I'f you tried to vanish into your mind, y
:iconseth-kelchuk:Seth-Kelchuk 3 6
Remember that time when we just didn't care
What anyone thought or said?
Remember the time when you just weren't there?
You had moved onto other friends.
Remember that day when you said that we're brothers
And we've got each other for life?
Remember when you hung out with the others
And you all filled my time with strife?
Remember when you said you'll always be there
To talk when I needed you most?
Remember when your girlfriend first spent the night
And you were too busy being a host?
Remember your promise that you made to me
About sticking together til the end?
What about when you ditched me, left me alone
So you could hang out with your friends.
Remember that kid, about ten years of age
Who never gave into temptation?
I remember that boy, though the memory fades.
His words seem to be lost in translation.
I remember him saying he'd never do weed.
And was too smart for alcohol too.
But somewhere along you did one little deed
And now I don't even know you.
:iconseth-kelchuk:Seth-Kelchuk 1 2
Seth's Journal: entry 1
Seth's journal. 355.2.15 ABY.
The Neo-Sith are gaining political power now. I mean, they were strong before, but now it's going too far. They've practically taken over Bespin. Nobody's realized it but us, of course. They're using political puppets. Several laws have passed that prevent the Jedi Order from stationing 'training outposts' on Cloud City. We've had to alter a lot of our rules and regulations, and are no longer allowed to advertise as a Jedi Academy, but as an academy for Force-users. It's been turned into a high-class boarding school. Master's Sabol and Hex are thinking of leaving Cloud City, but I know the students will never go for it. I really don't know what to think about this. What are we going to do if they take over for good?
I haven't told Xerxes about most of this, and Vince isn't telling Xenos the whole tale either. I think it's best they don't know for now.
:iconseth-kelchuk:Seth-Kelchuk 0 0
A Rose by Any Other Shape by Seth-Kelchuk A Rose by Any Other Shape :iconseth-kelchuk:Seth-Kelchuk 2 0
P.I.P.A. and S.O.P.A.
Freedom of speech is what we have been promised
By politics, Presidents, parents and more.
But what we will find when we seek out the truth
Is little more than a locked door.
The streets are unsafe for the outspoken people
But not just from violence and crime.
They can't speak their minds, or voice their opinions
Or they will have to do time.
They go and they stand up for what they believe in
And even if what they stand up for is wrong,
They shouldn't be punished if no harm is coming
From those few who are truly strong.
The internet seems to be our last save haven
From censorship rampant and government sly.
We seem to have refuge and friendships and bonds.
The limit is far past the sky.
But someone is coming who wants to abolish
This shelter we've made where we still can be free.
He goes by P.I.P.A. or maybe by S.O.P.A.
And he doesn't like you or me.
He'll shut us all up if we give him the chance
So that's one thing we can't let him have.
Together we're stronger than you can imagine.
:iconseth-kelchuk:Seth-Kelchuk 2 0
The cool Bespin air whipped Seth's shaggy hair as he stood on the Academy's roof. The sun was just beginning to set, casting an orange and purple glow over Cloud City. Seth closed his eyes and slowed his breathing, drifting into a meditative state. His mind became one with the Force, feeling every ebb and flow of life energy. He was at peace. He was happy.
Just that morning, he had passed the Jedi Trials.
Trystin came up behind him, embracing him from the side, placing her head on his shoulder. "I can't believe it," she said softly. "You're a Jedi Knight."
Seth looked down and saw her smiling. "I've come a long way from the silly little Padawan who kept getting his claws stuck inside his gloves."
Trystin laughed. "Well, maybe not that far..."
They both laughed. Seth closed his eyes again. "I have something to tell you. Something big."
"What?" asked Trystin. "What is it?"
Seth gave her a wide smile "I'm taking on a Padawan."
Trystin jerked her head up. "Already? You've been a Knight for
:iconseth-kelchuk:Seth-Kelchuk 0 0


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So, uh, it's been way too long since I've done anything at all here. I figured it was time to change that.

I'm doing well. Still alive, as you can see. Graduated from high school by the scruff of my neck. Thank God I didn't fail. Literally, He's the only reason I can think of that I passed Economics. I got accepted to my first choice college that shall remain nameless at the moment because I love my anonymity. Sorry I've been doing even less than normal on here, but as I said, I barely graduated. I was a bit preoccupied. But I'm back, baby! And better than ever. Expect some poems and short stories. I've decided not to do any series at the moment. I might pick up some of the older ones, but I don't know. Anyway, I'll be here to chat and post and comment and whatnot, so if you get bored and wanna talk, hit me up!
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Hey, I'm Seth Kelchuk. Cathar/human Jedi padawan. (BTW, no, Seth is not my 'real' name, but that's what I'm going by on here now). I'm sixteen, and I live at the Bespin Jedi Academy with my brother Sal, my best friend Vince, my girlfriend Trystin, and my Jedi Master, Kai. I do quite a bit of drawing/doodling, but I'm really a lot better at writing. So expect some writing (not all of it Star Wars).


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